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Strategic Management
Abbreviation: STRAMENLoad: 30(L) + 30(E) + 0(LE) + 0(CE) + 0(PEE) + 0(FE) + 0(S) + 0(DE) + 0(P) + 0(FLE) + 0()
Lecturers in charge: v. pred. mr. sc. Gordana Barić
Lecturers: v. pred. mr. sc. Gordana Barić ( Exercises )
Course description: Course objectives:
Introducing students to importance of company´s strategy. Special accent will be on operations strategy. Particular types of strategies in manufacture and service industry will be analyzed through different practical examples. Also, through different methods, students will learn how to create company´s strategy.

Enrolment requirements and required entry competences for the course:

Student responsibilities:
attending to the lectures and seminars, and making sand public presenting seminar work

Grading and evaluation of student work over the course of instruction and at a final exam:
classes activity 10% midterm exams 40% presentation of seminar work 30% oral exam 20%

Methods of monitoring quality that ensure acquisition of exit competences:
testing the students about knowledge from lectures and exercises and point on the problematic parts

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to (learning outcomes):
identify and analyze external and internal influential elements on the forming of the company strategy use the different analytical methods and techniques in the process of choosing business and production strategy apply the strategic management process to analyze and improve organizational and production performance develop possibility of critical thinking and recognition of the proper strategic approach in the real business world participate in forming of the business and production strategies

1. Strategic management definition and principles. Strategy types
2. Market strategy management and organization management
3. Competitive postion of a company. Key dimensions of position
4. Objectives and mission of company as element of strategic management. Organizational hierarchy of objectives
5. Strategic management and production processes.
6. Relationship between market strategy and organization management
7. Elements of strategic management existance assessment in company
8. Strategic option in company recognition and development
9. Creation and selection of optimal strategy in company
10. Updating and changing the strategy
11. Globalization (geografically) and strategic mangement
12. Infrastructure and strategic management
13. Strategic management and human resource
14. Business process redesign and company´s strategy
15. Information technology and strategic management

1. Principles of strategic management
2. Examples of strategies in manufacture
3. Examples of strategies in manufacture
4. Examples of strategies in service industries
5. Examples of strategies in service industries
6. Key dimensions of position
7. Competitive position
8. Test 1
9. Production process and operations strategy
10. SWOT analysis I
11. SWOT analysis II
12. APACS analysis
13. Benchmarking
14. BPR
15. Test 2
Lecture languages: en, hr
Compulsory literature:
1. Sikavica P., Bahtijarević-Šiber, F., Pološki N.: Temelji menadžmenta, poglavlje Strategijski menadžment, Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 2008., 188-281.
2. Buble, M.: Strateški menadžment, Sinergija, Zagreb, 2010.
3. Stacey, R.: Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics: The challenge of complexity to ways of thinking about organisations (6th Edition), Prentice Hall, New York, 2011.
Recommended literature: - - -
L - Lectures
FLE - Practical foreign language exercises
E - Exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
CE - Project laboratory
PEE - Physical education excercises
FE - Field exercises
S - Seminar
DE - Design exercises
P - Practicum
* - Not graded
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