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Strength of Composite Aeronautical Structures
Abbreviation: ČKZKLoad: 30(L) + 15(E) + 0(LE) + 0(CE) + 0(PEE) + 0(FE) + 0(S) + 0(DE) + 0(P) + 0(FLE) + 0()
Lecturers in charge: prof. dr. sc. Ivica Smojver
doc. dr. sc. Darko Ivančević
Lecturers: doc. dr. sc. Darko Ivančević ( Exercises )
Course description: Course objectives:
Introduction to the analysis of the basic composite aeronautical structural items as to obtain insight into the sizing procedures of the aircraft structural elements.

Enrolment requirements and required entry competences for the course:

Student responsibilities:
Attendance at lectures: attendance at exercises; assignment;

Grading and evaluation of student work over the course of instruction and at a final exam:
100% independent work on the assignment

Methods of monitoring quality that ensure acquisition of exit competences:
Assessment of the obtained knowledge and the ability to work independently on the student assignment;

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to (learning outcomes):
Solving problems regarding the sizing of the main aircraft structural items which are made from composite materials.
To employ the advanced analytical methods used in the analysis of composite aeronautical structures.
To evaluate the available analytical methodology used in the strength analysis of composite structures.
To develop the ability to analyze and synthesize composite aeronautical structural items with the aim for their sizing in accordance the structural requirements.

1. Elasticity and compliance matrices. Basic constitutive equations of laminated materials. A, B and D matrices.
2. Thermal and moisture stresses.
3. Bending of thin plates loaded by continuous loading. Long plates.
4. Buckling of rectangular plates with symmetric layup.
5. Plates with circular and elliptical openings.
6. Sandwich plates. Basic equations. Boundary conditions.
7. Bending of rectangular sandwich plates. Long plates. Various material models and layups.
8. Buckling of rectangular sandwich plates. Facelayer wrinkling.
9. Beams. Basic equations. Boundary conditions. Elasticity matrix and equivalent stiffness.
10. Axial loading and bending of beams with a rectangular crosssection.
11. Bending of thinwalled beams.
12. Twisting of thinwalled beams.
13. Axialsymmetric shell at axialsymmetric loading. Membrane stresses.
14. Buckling of shells.
15. Buckling of shells continuation.

1. Example of the derivation of A, B and D matrices using the known elasticity constants.
2. Calculation of the thermal stresses.
3. Calculation of the stresses due to moisture increase.
4. Example of the analysis of a long and thin plate.
5. Example of the critical load prediction for a rectangular plate.
6. Example of the critical load prediction for a rectangular plate continuation.
7. Example of the calculation of the bending moments and the deflection of sandwich plates.
8. Example of the calculation of the loads and moments in sandwich plates with varying layups.
9. Example of the calculation of the critical force for the sandwich facelayers.
10. Example of the calculation of the critical force for sandwich plates.
11. Example of the calculation of normal stresses in the beam at axial loading.
12. Example of the calculation of normal stresses in the beam due to bending.
13. Example of the calculation of shear stresses and twist angles of a thinwalled beam.
14. Example of the calculation of shell membrane stresses.
15. Example of the calculation of the critical load of a axialsymmetric shell.
Lecture languages: hr
Compulsory literature:
1. Kolar, L.P., Springer, G.S.: Mechanics of Composite Structures, Cambridge University Press, 2003.
2. Gay, D., Hoa, S..V.: Composte Materials - Design and Applications, CRC Press, 2007.
3. Tsai, S. W.: Theory of Composites Design, Think Composites, Dayton, 1993.
4. Niu, M.C.Y., Composite Airframe Structures, Conmilt Press, 1992.
5. Middleton, D. H.: Composite Materials in Aircraft Structures, Longman Scientific & Technical, Harlow, 1990.
6. Baker, A.A., Dutton, S., Kelly, D.: Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures, AIAA, 2004.
Recommended literature:
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E - Exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
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P - Practicum
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