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Computing, Elective courses in academic year 2007/2008

Semestre 7
Elective courses > Number of ECTS credits to select: at least 6
INE10O7Digital Signal Processing21105.0
ZEN05A1Geographic Information Systems20103.0
ZER19A1Machine Learning21003.0
ZER06A1Memory Systems20204.0
INE08O7Microelectronic Circuits21105.0
ZER18A1Operating Systems II21104.0
ZPM02A1Operational Research21104.0
ZER09A1Optimizing Compilers21104.0
Humanistic courses > Number of courses to select: at least 1
HUM03A1Croatian Culture20002.0
HUM13A1Introduction to High Technology Entrepreneurship20002.0
HUM14A1Media and Multimedia Production20002.0
HUM02A1Organisational Psychology20002.0
Semestre 8
Elective courses > Number of ECTS credits to select: at least 6
ZER20A2Advanced Microelectronic Structures20204.0
ZER22A2Compiler Technology for Parallel Systems21104.0
ZER14A2Computer Graphics20204.0
ZER21A2Design of Cmos Microprocessor Circuits20204.0
ZMS15A2Digital Image Processing20104.0
ZPM06A2Ergonomics in Computing20204.0
TKI14A2Fundamentals of Virtual Environments20204.0
ZOM09A2Numerical Procedures in Design22004.0
ZER17A2Reliable and Fult-tolerant Digital Systems21104.0
AUT12O8Servo Systems30206.0
Semestre 9
Elective courses > Number of ECTS credits to select: at least 6
ZMS20A1Advanced Digital Signal Processing Methods20204.0
ZMS17B1Biomedical Informatics20104.0
ZER23A1Chips of Ultra High Complexity20204.0
ZER26A1Computer Animation20103.0
ZPM13A1Data Warehousing20204.0
RKP16O9Digital Video Communications20103.0
ZRS07B1Distributed Software Development20103.5
ZER10A1Expert Systems Techniques22004.0
ZEN05A1Geographic Information Systems20103.0
ZPM03A1Information Systems Design20204.0
ZER19A1Machine Learning21003.0
TKI19A1Mobile Software Agents20204.0
TKI15A1Mobility in Networks20103.0
KIF10B1Multisensor Systems and Locomotion20104.0
ZMS08B1Neural Networks20104.0
ZER03A1Open Office Sytems20204.0
ZER09A1Optimizing Compilers21104.0
ZER27A1Parallel Programming for Distributed Systems20103.0
ZER24A1Physical Design of Integrated Circuits20204.0
ZPM12A1Protection and Security of Information Systems21104.0
RKP08O7Radiocommunication System Fundamentals31004.0
ZER02A1Real-time Systems21104.0
ZRS07B1Software Engineering - Selected Topics20104.0
ZER04A1User Interfaces and Interactive Systems Design20204.0
TKI18A1Virtual Environments20204.0
L - Lectures
E - Exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
CE - Project laboratory
* - Not graded
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