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Advanced Operating Systems
Abbreviation: Load: 45(L) + 0(E) + 0(LE) + 0(CE)
Lecturers in charge: Prof. dr. sc. Marin Golub
Course description: Operating systems are vital parts of every computer system and their security is very important. An operating system is a set of programs that act as an intermediary between a user of a computer, the computer hardware and the applications programs. The objective of this course is to study theories, principles and techniques of computer security, system availability and reliability.
Lecture languages: - - -
Compulsory literature:
1. Applied Cryptography B. Schneier J. Wiley & Sons 1996
Recommended literature:
2. Handbook of Applied Cryptography A.J. Menezes, P.C. van Oorschot, S.A. Vanstone CRC Press 1996
3. Security Engineering R. Anderson J. Wiley & Sons 2001
L - Lectures
E - Exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
CE - Project laboratory
* - Not graded
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