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Analog and Mixed Signal Processing
Abbreviation: Load: 45(L) + 0(E) + 0(LE) + 0(CE)
Lecturers in charge: Prof. dr. sc. Neven Mijat
Doc. dr. sc. Igor Lacković
Doc. dr. sc. Dražen Jurišić
Course description: Real and causal signal spectra;Ideal transmission;Linear and nonlinear distorsion; Amplifiers with Real Integrated Circuits;Basic Realizations;Static and Dynamic Properties;Current Feedback;Transconductance Amplifiers;Signal and Impedance transformation Circuits;Inductance Simulations;Nonlinear circuits; Comparators; Limiters;Nonlinear Feedback;Filters;Classification;Amplitude, Phase and Group Delay; Approximations;Butterworth;Chebyshev;Cauer;Linear Phase;Passive Filters; Active RC filters;High-order Filters;Sensitivities;Selective and Coupled amplifiers;Analog Switches and Multiplexers,Models,Errors,Crosstalk,SC Circuits for Signal Processing; Filters, Transducers, Modulators; PLL, AD, DA conversion, Sigma-Delta Converters, VLSI Signal Processing Circuits CAD and CAA programs.
Lecture languages: - - -
Compulsory literature:
1. Design of Analog Filters R. Schaumann, M.E.Van Valkenburg Oxford Univ Press 2001
4. Design With Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits S. Franco McGraw Hill 2002
Recommended literature:
2. Analog Signal Processing D. Meador Delmar, Thomson Learning 2002
3. Low Voltage, Low Power Integrated Circuits and Systems E.S.Sinencio, A.G.Andreu IEEE Press 1998
5. Analog Signal Processing R. Pallas-Areny, J. G. Webster Wiley Interscience 1999
L - Lectures
E - Exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
CE - Project laboratory
* - Not graded
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