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Geoinformatics, Elective courses in academic year 2011/2012

Semester 1
[3525] Geoinformatics - optional courses in 1st semester > Altogether 12 ECTS credits are selected among optional courses
50366Application of Remote Sensing30000000306.0
50374 **Complex Analysis30000000306.0
50370English for Academic Purposes300002000106.0
50369 **Map Generalization30000000306.0
51221Mobile Surveying and GIS300001000206.0
50372 **Organisational Theory30000300006.0
50373Presentation Techniques300001000206.0
50368Real Estate Estimation30000000306.0
50371 **System of Scientific Information30000000306.0
50367Topographic Information Systems30000000306.0
Semester 2
[3526] Geoinformatics - optional courses in 2nd semester > Altogether 12 ECTS credits are selected among optional courses
50390Close Range Photogrammetry30000000306.0
50397 **German for Academic Purposes300002000106.0
50391GIS in Application30000000306.0
50393Multimedia Cartography30000000306.0
50399 **Numerical Analysis300001000206.0
50396Numerical Linear Algebra300001000206.0
50395Programme Engineering in Geomatics300001000206.0
50394Risk Management30000000306.0
50392Thematic Cartography30000000306.0
Semester 3
[3527] Optional projects in 3rd semester > Altogether 12 ECTS credits are selected among optional courses
50419Cartography and New Technologies0000600006.0
50409Determination of the Earth?s Shape0000600006.0
50413Determination of Water Power Plant Object Movement0000600006.0
50417Digital Plans0000600006.0
50418Engineering Geodesy in Construction0000600006.0
50429 **Generalization of Geoinformation0000600006.0
50428 **Geodetic Astronomy0000600006.0
50424Geodetic Networks for Special Purposes0000600006.0
50425Geodynamics of the Adriatic Microplate0000600006.0
50410Geomagnetic Networks0000600006.0
50416Global Geodesy0000600006.0
50423How Marketing Operates ? Its Tools and Techniques0000600006.0
50420 **Influence of Atmospheric Condition on Optical Function of Theodolite Telescope0000600006.0
50426Land Information Management0000600006.0
50412Land Surveying0000600006.0
50427Optimizing of Geodetic Networks0000600006.0
50415Practical Cartography0000600006.0
50422Programming in Geoinformation Systems0000600006.0
50407Remote Sensing0000600006.0
50406 **Satellite Positioning0000600006.0
50414Selected Chapters of Photogrammetry and GIS0000600006.0
50421Spatial Development0000600006.0
50408 **Testing and Calibration of Geodetic Instruments and Accessories According to ISO Standards0000600006.0
L - Lectures
P - Practicum
FE - Field exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
S - Seminar
PEE - Physical education excercises.
E - Exercises
* - Not graded
** - Not held
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