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Geodesy, Elective courses in academic year 2013/2014

Semester 1
[3528] Geodesy - optional courses in 1st semester > Altogether 12 ECTS credits are selected among optional courses
50355 **Basics of Civil Engineering30000000306.0
50362Cartography and GIS30000000306.0
50374Complex Analysis30000000306.0
50354Digital Plans30000000306.0
50370English for Academic Purposes300002000106.0
50357Geodesy in Environmental Protection30000000306.0
50359 **Geodetic Works in Hydrotechnics30000000306.0
50353Global Geodesy30000000306.0
50358 **Hydrotechnical Improvements30000000306.0
50356Movements and Deformations30000000306.0
50372 **Organisational Theory30000300006.0
50373Presentation Techniques300001000206.0
50361Space Geodesy30000000306.0
50371System of Scientific Information30000000306.0
Semester 2
[3529] Geodesy - optional courses in 2nd semester > Altogether 12 ECTS credits are selected among optional courses
50384Application of Laser Devices30000000306.0
50380Geodesy in Geosciences30000000306.0
50385Geodetic Business Activity300001000206.0
50383Geodetic Heritage30000000306.0
50379Geomagnetic Survey300001000206.0
50397German for Academic Purposes300002000106.0
50381 **Industrial Survey30000000306.0
50399Numerical Analysis300001000206.0
50396 **Numerical Linear Algebra300001000206.0
50386 **Optimizing of Geodetic Networks30000000306.0
50382Organisation of Geodetic Works30000000306.0
50378Precise Geodetic Measurements30000000306.0
Semester 3
[3527] Optional projects in 3rd semester > Altogether 12 ECTS credits are selected among optional courses
50411 **4D-Geodesy0000600006.0
50419Cartography and New Technologies0000600006.0
50409Determination of the Earth?s Shape0000600006.0
50413 **Determination of Water Power Plant Object Movement0000600006.0
50417 **Digital Plans0000600006.0
50418Engineering Geodesy in Construction0000600006.0
50429 **Generalization of Geoinformation0000600006.0
50428Geodetic Astronomy0000600006.0
50424Geodetic Networks for Special Purposes0000600006.0
50425Geodynamics of the Adriatic Microplate0000600006.0
50410Geomagnetic Networks0000600006.0
50416Global Geodesy0000600006.0
50423 **How Marketing Operates ? Its Tools and Techniques0000600006.0
50420 **Influence of Atmospheric Condition on Optical Function of Theodolite Telescope0000600006.0
50426 **Land Information Management0000600006.0
50412Land Surveying0000600006.0
50427 **Optimizing of Geodetic Networks0000600006.0
50415 **Practical Cartography0000600006.0
50422Programming in Geoinformation Systems0000600006.0
50407 **Remote Sensing0000600006.0
50406Satellite Positioning0000600006.0
50414Selected Chapters of Photogrammetry and GIS0000600006.0
50421Spatial Development0000600006.0
50408 **Testing and Calibration of Geodetic Instruments and Accessories According to ISO Standards0000600006.0
L - Lectures
P - Practicum
FE - Field exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
S - Seminar
PEE - Physical education excercises.
E - Exercises
* - Not graded
** - Not held
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