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Basics of Statistics
Abbreviation: B12A06Load: 30(L) + 0(P) + 0(FE) + 15(LE) + 0(S) + 0(PEE) + 0(E) + 0(DE)
Lecturers in charge: v. pred. mr. sc. Nikol Radović
v. pred. mr. sc. Željka Tutek
Lecturers: v. pred. mr. sc. Željka Tutek ( Laboratory exercises )
Course description:

The objectives of this course are:
  • Acquire the skills of collecting, classification and organization of data, their analysis and graphical presentation using appropriate computer programs (Excel, Statistica,..) as a tool in solving various statistical tasks that appear in geodesy and geoinformatics.
  • Help students to overcome more easily the other courses that follow, particularly analysis and processing of geodetic measurements

Learning outcomes at the level of the programme to which the course contributes
  • Demonstrate competences in theoretical principles, procedures of computing and visualising the surveying data.
  • Understand mathematical methods and physical laws applied in geodesy and geoinformatics.
  • Apply knowledge of mathematics and physics for the purpose of recognizing, formulating and solving of problems in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics.
  • Use information technology in solving geodetic and geoinformation tasks.
  • Recognise problems and tasks in the application of geodetic and geoinformation principles and methods, and select proper procedures for their solution.

Learning outcomes expected at the level of the course
  • Be able to collect data and their presentation in the form of tables or graphs
  • Define mean and dispersion measures
  • Define basic terms in the probability theory
  • Define discrete and continuous random variables and their distributions
  • Define and apply statistical tests
  • Define regresion analysis, covariance and correlation
  • Be able to apply methods of interpolation in geodesy and geoinformatics
  • Be able to apply methods of appoximation in geodesy and geoinformatics

Course content broken down in detail by weekly class schedule (syllabus)
  1. Collecting and analysing data and their presentation in the form of tables and graphs (2 hours)
  2. Measures of central value and dispersion (2 hours)
  3. Basics of the probability theory (4 hours)
  4. Discrete random variables and their distributions (2 hours)
  5. Continuous random variables and their distributions (2 hours)
  6. Statistical tests (6 hours)
  7. Regresion analysis, covariance and correlation (6 hours)
  8. Interpolation and approximation in geodesy and geoinformatics (6 hours)

Screening student work
  • Class attendance - 1.8 ECTS
  • Learning and preparation for preliminary and final exams (other) - 2.2 ECTS
Lecture languages: - - -
Compulsory literature:
2. J. L. Devore : Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, Duxbury Press., 2007.
Recommended literature:
1. L. Jaisingh: Statistics for the Utterly Confused, McGraw Hill, 2000.
L - Lectures
P - Practicum
FE - Field exercises
LE - Laboratory exercises
S - Seminar
PEE - Physical education excercises.
E - Exercises
DE - Design exercises
* - Not graded
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