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Health Economics
Kratica: Opterećenje: 30(P) + 30(S) + 0(SJ) + 0(A) + 0(TJ) + 0(PK) + 0(T)
Nositelji: doc. dr. sc. Šime Smolić
Izvođači: doc. dr. sc. Šime Smolić ( Seminar )
Opis predmeta: Course Objectives
The course aims to introduce students to health economics as a part of applied microeconomics. It examines the objectives of social policy, and alternative concepts and measures of equity, poverty and welfare. The course is designed to enable students to understand health care financing covers issues such as design of financing systems. In addition, this course gives a general insight into the theory of consumer behaviour, health demand and production of health, health care resources, and the consequences of technological and demographic changes. It covers the main features of health care system and health care financing in Croatia and other EU countries.

Course Contents
1. Economic characteristics of the commodity health care. Demand for health/ health care
2. Characteristics of health needs
3. The demand for health care: supplier-induced demand, coinsurance effects
4. The production of health and health care
5. Economic evaluation and decision-making in health care
6. Costs and cost analysis; cost-benefit analysis
7. The determinants of health care expenditures - macro and micro perspective
8. Health care financing mechanisms and health insurance
9. Health care systems in 20th and 21st century
10. Health care system in Croatia
11. Health care reforms
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Obavezna literatura:
1. Folland, S., Goodman, A. C., Stano, M. (2013) The Economics of Health and Health Care, 7th edn, Pearson New International Edition, Prentice-Hall
3. McPake, B., Normand, C., Smith, S. (2013 ) Health Economics: An International Perspective, Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group, London and New York
Preporučena literatura:
2. Folland, S., Goodman, A. C., Stano, M. (2010) The Economics of Health and Health Care: International Version, 6th edn., Pearson Education (US) Donaldson, C., Gerard, K. (2004) Economics of Healthcare Financing: The visible hand, 2nd new edn. Palgrave MacMillan Getzen, T. (2007) Health Economics and Financing, 3rd edn. John Wiley & Sons Inc Instructors' presentations and supplement reading materials
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S - Seminar
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