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Design of Microprocessor Based Control Systems

Higher education institution:
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
ECTS credits:
7(E) + 8(E) + 30(L)
Issuing teachers:

Professor Mladen Crneković, PhD

Assistant Professor Mario Hrgetić, PhD

Course contractors:

Assistant Professor Mario Hrgetić, PhD (E, L)

Professor Mladen Crneković, PhD (E, L)

Course description:
Course objectives: Training in design of embedded microcontroller system. To be familiar with real electronic components, its characteristics and implementation. Methods for design, production and testing of microprocessors prototype systems. Enrolment requirements and required entry competences for the course: Microprocessor based control Student responsibilities: Regular attendance of lectures and practical excercises Grading and evaluation of student work over the course of instruction and at a final exam: project 100% Methods of monitoring quality that ensure acquisition of exit competences: Interactive teaching process, with active student participation in discussions and interpretation of results, exam, consultations, email correspondence. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to (learning outcomes): Recognize and test basic electronic components. Design schematic diagram of simple electronic system with microcontroller. Test an electonic system on test board. Design a printed circuit board (PCB) on available CAD program. PCB production, component assembly, testing and documentation. Lectures 1. General facts about production and application of electronic components. Designation norms and sockets. 2. Electronic measuring instrument multimeter and oscilloscope. 3. Pasive electronic components: resistors, diodes, capacitors designation and characteristics. 4. Pasive electronic components: crystals, LED, segment displays designation and characteristics. 5. Active electronic components: transistors designation and characteristics. 6. Other electronic components: buttons, switchs, beepers, reles, LCDs, ADCs, DACs, interfaces designation and characteristics. 7. Energy sources: batterys, stabilisators. Protection and security devices. 8. Digital integrated circuits, logic families and programable logic devices. 9. Mikroprocessors working, how to choose them and characteristics. 10. Schematic diagrams rules and procedures. 11. Prototype design on project board. 12. Principles and design of printed circuit boards. 13. Procedure for printed circuit board manufacturing. Soldering technique. 14. Assembling and testing of PCBs. 15. Documentation and advertisment. Exercises 1. Examples of components and sockets designation. 2. Working with multimeter and oscilloscope. 3. Characteristics measurement of resistors, diodes and capacitors. 4. Working presentation of crystals, LED and segment displays. 5. Working presentation of transistors. 6. Working presentation of some other electronic components. 7. Working presentation of stabilisatos and security devices. 8. Presentation of logic families and programable logic devices. 9. Mikroprocessors working, how to choose them and characteristics. 10. Schematic diagrams design. 11. Prototype design on project board. 12. Design of printed circuit boards. 13. Printed circuit board manufacturing. Soldering. 14. Assembling and testing of PCBs. 15. Documentation and advertisment.
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Mandatory literature:

1. J. Walter; Mikrocomputertechnik mit der 8051-Controller Familie, Springer, 1996

2. 8051 Interfacing And Applications.pdf

3. Specifikacije proizvođača elektroničkih komponenata

Course in study programme:
Code Name of study Level of study Semester Required/Elective
16 Engineering Modelling and Computer Simulations undergraduate 6 elective
20 Marine Engineering undergraduate 6 elective
21 Industrial Engineering and Management undergraduate 6 elective
22 Materials Engineering undergraduate 6 elective
23 Mechatronics and Robotics undergraduate 6 elective
151 Design of Medical Structures undergraduate 6 elective
153 Design and Product Development undergraduate 6 elective
154 Mechanisms and Robots undergraduate 6 elective
155 IC Engines and Motor Vehicles undergraduate 6 elective
172 Process Technology undergraduate 6 elective
173 Thermotechnics undergraduate 6 elective
181 Automation of Production Systems undergraduate 6 elective
182 Quality Assurance undergraduate 6 elective
183 Manufacturing Systems undergraduate 6 elective
184 Production and Assembly undergraduate 6 elective
185 Welded Structures undergraduate 6 elective
1142 Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence undergraduate 6 elective


  • E - Exercises
  • L - Lectures