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Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split

List of teachers and associates

Name and surname prezime Grade
Assistant Professor Ante Akrap, PhD Akrap Assistant Professor
Associate Professor Šimun Bilokapić, PhD Bilokapić Associate Professor
Full Professor Nikola Bižaca, PhD Bižaca Full Professor
Full Professor Ivan Bodrožić, PhD Bodrožić Full Professor
Lecturer Jenko Bulić, MSc Bulić Lecturer
Assistant Professor Silvana Burilović Crnov, PhD Burilović Crnov Assistant Professor
Full Professor Nenad Cambi, PhD Cambi Full Professor
Full Professor Alojzije Čondić, PhD Čondić Full Professor
Lecturer Marijana Ćuk Ćuk Lecturer
Associate Professor Borislav Dadić, PhD Dadić Associate Professor
Full Professor Anđelko Domazet, PhD Domazet Full Professor
Associate Professor Josip Dukić, PhD Dukić Associate Professor
Full Professor Jadranka Garmaz, PhD Garmaz Full Professor
Assistant Professor Angelina Gašpar, PhD Gašpar Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Miljenka Grgić, PhD Grgić Assistant Professor
Associate Professor Ana Jeličić, PhD Jeličić Associate Professor
Assistant Professor Ivica Jurić, PhD Jurić Assistant Professor
Full Professor Ivan Kešina, PhD Kešina Full Professor
Full Professor Kuzma Kovačić Kovačić Full Professor
Associate Professor Milenko Krešić, PhD Krešić Associate Professor
Assistant Professor Ivan Macut, PhD Macut Assistant Professor
Full Professor Ante Mateljan, PhD Mateljan Full Professor
Associate Professor Branko Matulić, PhD Matulić Associate Professor
Full Professor Josip Mužić, PhD Mužić Full Professor
Assistant Professor Ante Obad, PhD Obad Assistant Professor
Full Professor Mladen Parlov, PhD Parlov Full Professor
Lecturer Josip Periš, MSc Periš Lecturer
Assistant Professor Ante Periša, PhD Periša Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Emanuel Petrov, PhD Petrov Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Mirjana Pinezić, PhD Pinezić Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Mihael Prović, PhD Prović Assistant Professor
Associate Professor Edvard Punda, PhD Punda Associate Professor
Full Professor Ivica Raguž, PhD Raguž Full Professor
Full Professor Hrvoje Relja, PhD Relja Full Professor
Associate Professor Domagoj Runje, PhD Runje Associate Professor
Assistant Professor Ivan Sesar Sesar Assistant Professor
Full Professor Sanja Stanić, PhD Stanić Full Professor
Full Professor Ivan Tadić, PhD Tadić Full Professor
Associate Professor Željko Tanjić, PhD Tanjić Associate Professor
Assistant Professor Željko Tolić, PhD Tolić Assistant Professor
Associate Professor Marko Trogrlić, PhD Trogrlić Associate Professor
Full Professor Marinko Vidović, PhD Vidović Full Professor
Assistant Professor Domagoj Volarević, MSc Volarević Assistant Professor
Associate Professor Marijo Volarević, PhD Volarević Associate Professor
Full Professor Josip Vrandečić, PhD Vrandečić Full Professor
Full Professor Ante Vučković, PhD Vučković Full Professor
Full Professor Ivica Žižić, PhD Žižić Full Professor

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