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Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split

List of subjects

Name Code
Introduction to the Mystery of Christ and the History of Salvation 82131
Cosmology 82135
General Psychology 82136
Methodology of Scientific Work 82137
Latin Language I. 82138
Latin Language II. 82140
Logic 82141
The Musical Heritage of the Church 82142
General Introduction to the Study of the Holy Scripture 82144
Philosophical Anthropology 82145
Psychology of Religion 82146
Patrology 82148
History of Dogmas 82149
Hebrew Langugage I 82150
Introduction to Gregorian Chant 82151
World Religions 82153
Biblical Greek Language 82154
Introduction and Exegesis of the Old Testament - Prophetic and Wisdom Literature 82155
The Mystery of the Triune God 82522
Christian Revelation 82523
Fundamental Moral Theology 82524
Introduction to Exegesis of the Old Testament - the Pentateuch and Historical Books 82525
Biblical Theology of the Old Testament 82526
The Church of Christ - Ecclesiology 82527
Divine Worship and Moral virtues 82528
Ecumenical Theology 82529
Introduction and Exegesis of the New Testament: Synoptic Gospels 82530
The Corpus of the Apostle John 82531
Sexual, Marital and Family Morality 82532
Introduction to the Code of Canon law (I and III Book) 82533
Christology 82534
Pneumatology 82535
Theological Anthropology 82536
Biblical Thelogy of the New Testament 82538
Didactics and Educational Methodology in Religious Education and Catechesis 82539
The Code of Canon Law (II Book) 82540
Fundamental Pastoral Theology 82541
On the Sacraments in general and the Sacraments of Initiation 82542
Code of the Canon Law (Books: V, VI and VII) 82543
Social Doctrine of the Church 82544
Special Pastoral Theology 82545
Religious Education and Catechesis for Primary School 82546
Theology of Liturgical Celebrations 82547
Bioethics 82548
The Code of Canon Law (Book IV - the Sanctifying Office of the Church) 82549
The Sacraments of Healing and Sacraments at the Service of Communion 82550
Graduate work 82551
Graduate exam 82552
History of Philosophy - Ancient and Middle Age 82554
Introduction to Philosophy 82555
Developmental Psychology 82556
The Church Art 82557
History of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy 82558
Practical Philosophy 82559
General Psychology 82561
A Christian's Speech about God 82562
Didactics and Educational Methodology of Religious Education 82563
Christian Spirituality 82564
Christian Revelation 82565
Introduction to the Pentateuch and Exegesis 82566
Philosophical Speech on the World and God 82567
General Pedagogy 82568
General Catechetics 82569
Christianity and Religions 82570
Communicology 82571
Introduction to the Gospels and Exegesis 82572
Introduction to Moral Theology 82575
Theological and Moral Virtues 82576
Introduction to the Prophetic and Wisdom Literature and Exegesis 82577
Introducton to the Epistles and Exegesis 82578
Patrology 82579
Social Doctrine of the Church 82580
Ecumenical Theology 82581
Sacred Music 82582
Baccalaureate, written work 82583
Final exam 82584
Eastern Theology 82585
History of Catechesis and Catechetics 82586
Pastoral Theology 82587
Sociology 82588
Psychology of Religion 82589
Basic Principles of the Canon Law and Sacraments 82590
Liturgics 82591
Hierarchical Constitution of the Catholic Church 82593
Theological Anthropology and Eschatology 82594
Sexual, Marital and Family Morality 82595
Pneumatology and Mariology 82596
Liturgical Music 82597
Religious Education and Catechesis for Adolescents and Youth 82598
Christology 82599
On the Sacraments in general and the Sacraments of Initiation 82600
Biblical Theology of the Old Testament 82601
Biblical Theology of the New Testament 82602
Parish Community Pastoral 82603
The Sacraments of Healing and Sacraments at the Service of Communion 82604
Catechesis of Adults 82605
Graduate work 82606
Graduate exam 82607
Sexual Violence 82610
Missiology 82612
Catechesis for Secondary School 82614
Old Church Slavonic Language and Glagolitism 82621
Mariology 82624
Concept of God after Auschwitz 82627
Don Frane Bulić and Salona 83455
The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls 83459
A Christian's Speech about God - written work 83499
Christian Revelation - written work 83501
Philosophical Speech on the World and God - written work 83503
Christianity and Religions - written work 83504
Communicology - written work 83505
Religious Education and Catechesis for Children and Preadolescents 84055
The Church of Christ - Ecclesiology 84574
Preschool Catechesis 84575
Interpretation of Selected Literary Works 84576
Liturgics 84664
Catechetics 84665
Pedagogy of Spiritual Vocations 84767
Secular Ceremony 84771
Symbol in Christianity 84783
The Mystery of the Triune God - written work 84852
Christology - written work 94740
Theological Anthropology - written work 94741
Spiritual Theology 112099
History of the Franciscan Order 112611
Religious Education and Catechesis for the Persons with Disabilities 112614
Israelites in Egyptian Slavery (Ex 1-15) 112619
The Apostle Paul on Sexuality (1 Corinthians) 112624
Matrimonial Consent 126327
Theological English I 129214
Theological English II 129228
Theology and Symbolism in Early Christian Art 140644
The Social Dimension of Evangelization 140843
Patient and Health 140844
Distinctive Features of Parish Catechesis in Croatia 144593
Thinking and faith in contemporary culture 151515
Violence in the Bible and R. Girard 151516
Contemporariness of philosophical ancient thought 151517
Actuality of Nietzsche in contemporary culture 151518
Crisis of theology and contemporary culture 151519
Development of theology of religions after II. Vatican Council 151520
The incarnation in contemporary Christological discussion 151525
Family catechesis in context of contemporary parish community 151526
Contemporary arts and Christianity 151527
Anthropological foundations of sacraments 151528
Individual work 151529
Individual work 151530
Individual work 151531
Licentiate 151532
Individual work 151533
Individual work 151534
Work on thesis defence 151535
Bioethics from the Theological Perspective: Converging Point of Faith, Reason, and Science 151536
Methodology of archival materials researches 151537
Methodology of historical sciences 151538
Monastic theology from St Benedict to St Bernard 151541
Theology of history 151543
Scolasticism and its method 151544
Christ in Early Christian art 151545
Lay movements at Croats in 19th and 20th century 151546
Individual work 151547
Individual work 151548
Individual work 151549
Licentiate - individual work 151550
Licentiate - work on thesis defence 151551
Individual work 151552
Individual work 151553
Work on thesis defence 151554
Globalization of solidarity 151558
Augustine in contemporary theological thought 151559
Talk on the inexpressible with Jaspers and Wittgenstein 151566
Biblical theology from historical-critical method to the present 151569
Trends in Catholic theology of 20th century 151571
Neoplatonism and question of "Christian Neoplatonism" 151575
History of theology and gnosticism 151580
Marko Marulić and Catholic Evangelism 151586
Early Christian and Late Ancient epigraphy of Dalmatia 151588
Theological disputes in the Church till the Council of Chalcedon 151593
Religious life in Salonae according to litterary and epigraphic sources 151596
Bogomilism 151600
Inclusive approach in religious education for children with special needs 159173
Church Councils 159174
Learning Faith from Communicational and Theological Perspectives 166405
Evangelisational Mission of Priests and Laypersons 166404
History of Emancipation of Women in the Church and Contemporary Society 167893
Philosphy of Dialogue According to Martin Buber 167905
Historical Methods of the Interpretation of the Bible 167898
Trinity in Theology, Philosophy, and Culture 167901
Reciprocity of Relations between Contemporary Culture and Religious Education 167903
Interpersonal Communication from the Perspective of Bioethics 167904
New Evangelisation and Contemporary Culture 167906
Theological and Moral Reflections upon Family Violence 167907
Paganism and Christianity Interrelated - Certain Aspects 167908
Catholic Church on the Croatian Historical Territory in Contact with Orthodoxy and Islam 167909
Martin Luther - 500 Years from the Beginning of the Reformation 167911
Historical-critical Exegesis of the Prophetic Texts 172927
Church and film 185989
Faith: Gift, Experience and Knowledge 186001
Hymns and Antiphons in the Liturgy of Hours of Roman Rite 186006
History of Modern philosophy 186036
History of Contemporary philosophy 186037
History of Ancient Philosophy 186045
History of Medieval Philosophy 186046
The Pauline epistles 189899
The Catholic Epistles 189900
Church History of the New and Contemporary Age 191088
The Church History of Modern and Contemporary age 191106
The Church History of the Ancient world and the Middle Age 191107
The Church History of the Ancient World and the Middle Age 191111
Gnoseology 234310
Scientists on the track of the truth, good and beauty 234317
Individual work 208729
Individual work 208730
The Liturgy of Hours 209270
Traineeship in the Field of Faith and Culture 209271
Traineeship in Pastoral Theology 209272
Professional practice in scientific research work 209273
Transhumanism 234322
History of the Franciscan Philosophy 220255
Individual work 221554
The worldview novelty of Christianity and its contribution to philosophy 225565
Individual work 226031
Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and Ecumenical Dialogue 235925
Individual work 238136
Ethics 240703
History of Ancient Philosophy 254817
History of Medieval Philosophy 254819
History of Modern philosophy 254821
History of Contemporary philosophy 254822
The Church History of the Ancient World and the Middle Age 254824
The Church History of Modern and Contemporary age 254828
Methodology of Scientific Work 254832
Philosophical Anthropology 258522
Ontology 258474
Theodicy 258475

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