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Between the Empires: Jewish history in Croat Lands until the 20th century


izv. prof. dr. sc. Naida-Mihal Brandl

Ishodi učenja:

1. Upon successfully completing the course, the student will be acquainted with the historiography and primary sources of the history of the Jewish communities and individuals;

2. Acquainted with Jewish communities of Late Antiquity and Medieval period in the territories of the Croatian lands.

3. Acquainted with historical processes in the Early Modern period in the Mediterranean, after the Expulsion of 1492.

4. Acquainted with the permanent settlement of the Sephardic Jews on Eastern Adriatic coast and Bosnia-Herzegovina in the context of the Expulsion of 1492 as well as their further development.

5. Introduced to an everyday life if Jewish communities, their material culture and their professions.

6. Acquainted with the permanent settlement of the Ashkenazi Jews in the territory of the Habsburg Empire in the context of partitions of Poland and legislative of Maria Theresa and Joseph II.

7. Able to understand the processes of Jewish settlement in Croatia and Slavonia and of the Jewish emancipation in the Croat lands.

8. Acquainted with the economic and social strengthening of the Jews in Croatia and Slavonia.

9. Introduced to processes that follow the decline and fall of two maritime republics in the Eastern Adriatic: Venetia and Dubrovnik, and consequences on Jewish communities of Split and Dubrovnik.

10. Introduced to the emergence of Zionism, the First World War and the role the Great War had on Jews.

11. Equipped with skills necessary for further independent scholarly research.


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